Why we started G.O.A.L.S -Aava F.
I tutored at the Monument Crisis Center in Concord- which sparked my inspiration for GOALS.
I have always been interested in the quality of education for girls.
I wished for a program such as this one myself while making my way through middle school.
I have a strong interest in math/ science & push for representation of women in STEM.
I also have a strong passion for helping young girls succeed / achieve confidence.

The goal of G.O.A.L.S -Ashley X.
To build up young girls’ confidence at this extremely important age in their lives.
To act as a tutor in all academic subjects.
To establish a “sisterhood” where we emotionally support the girls at this school & aide in problem-solving / discussing social difficulties.
To provide a fun, safe environment where everyone is welcome!

Our Progress -Ellora E.
Provided comfortable and supporting environment where the girls feel that they can express themselves and be curious
Themes and journal entries each week
Group activities to build confidence
Team-building exercises
Homework help